our team

The Kobol team accumulates nearly 100 years of entrepreneurial and industry experience.

H. Lee Mosbacker, PhD

Lee is a physicist by training and has been in the startup ecosystem for 25 years. He sold his first company at 21. In 2015 he started Caprica AI, an offshore human intelligence platform for sports betting. In 2023, his partners have deployed nearly $1B in sports bets for their offshore hedge fund. Lee also has 2 small seed funds (Kobol I and Kobol II) and has been given $5M matching funding by the state of Ohio.

Lee is an expert in harnessing human intelligence and automation in predictive markets.

Michael Sampoerna

Michael Joseph Sampoerna wears two hats, as a world-class professional poker player, and as a corporate executive in charge of the family’s billion-dollar conglomerate. He has personally invested in over 100 startups with average check size of 250k.

Michael is an expert in probability games, a committed philanthropist,  and experienced executive.