our portfolio

Kobol's portfolio shines brightly with a constellation of innovative companies, each pioneering transformative solutions across diverse sectors.


Cyrannus is reinventing the venture ecosystem with the first all-in-one platform that evaluates seed stage startups at scale providing rapid funding to Founders, and intelligent, quality deal flow and liquidity to Investors.


Our firm specializes in sports vault staking (SVS) aimed at serving the emerging sportsbetting market.


Caprica AI is an international hedge fund utilizing artificial intelligence for investments in alternativeasset classes.


Dynamic daily fantasy. Win up to 100x your money by choosing more or less on the stat lines of yourfavorite players!


Kratix is a news platform that enables the community and industry experts to determine credibility oftrending and controversial news in real-time.


Premium analytics and solutions, revolutionizing data verification in the age of AI

Five Star Fans

Crowdsource fan support to help your team recruit athletes to universities you love! Founded by formerD1 athletes, we are redistributing power to fans and athletes


Cohart is a vertical social marketplace for artists and art collectors. The company helps artists build theirbrands, find buyers, facilitate transactions, and manage their CRM.

QStar Labs

Leveraging the rapid growth rate of SaaS against the power of interpretability and meta knowledgethrough a new model - MMaaS

Lighthouse Avionics

Lighthouse Avionics is a startup that works on developing drones and drone management systems.


The first people-centric platform to connect strategy, governance, policies and procedures fromleadership to the frontlines.

Pivt Enterprise

Pivt is the platform to reduce turnover & improve the social well-being of relocated, mobile, & remote employees.


TO THE MARKET is the turn key solution for ethical manufacturing and sourcing of apparel, accessoriesand home goods.